Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jelly Hearts

Am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #4: Love in the Air (Feb 2011)! Super duper late entry for this month's theme, glad I made it though, so I don't break my AB streak since SSB started it.

Saw many making these dainty desserts quite a while ago but had been procrastinating to make them. Had many questions initially and finally got them answered at the recent bloggers meetup. Thanks to Jasmine who provided me lotsa useful tips to make them! She even texted me later on to check on my progress, to see everything turns out well. Touched ok. :P

An unfortunate accident happened. The jelly water was leaking out of the aluminium tray pan as I did not shrink wrap it, so the jelly layer thinned by a lot. So lesson learnt, use a good leak proof pan for jelly hearts. Nevertheless, these little cheesecake slices are not only pretty to look at, they taste delicious too.
Jelly Hearts


Biscuit Base:
300g digestive biscuits, processed in a food blender
140g melted butter

Cheesecake filling:
250g cream cheese, room temperature
50g sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence (I use vanilla powder)
10g gelatine powder
120ml hot water
16 strawberry halves, cut into heart shapes

Jelly Topping:
1 box of Strawberry Jello
240ml boiling hot water
240ml cold water

1. Mix biscuit crumbs & melted butter together and press firmly onto the base of a 8"x8" square cake tin. Put cake tin in fridge for later use.
2. In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla till thick and smooth.
3. Soak gelatin powder in water and transfer to double boiler.
4. Slowly add dissolved gelatin to cream cheese mixture and mix well.
5. Pour cheese filling onto prepared cake tin and spread evenly.
6. Lay the strawberries on the cream cheese mixture and chill for abt 3h.
7. Dissolve strawberry jello in boiling water. Add in the cold water after jelly dissolves.
8. Pour the jelly onto the chilled cheesecake. Chill in the fridge until jelly is set before removing from the cake tin. Serve as desire.


  1. Your jelly heart looks as good! Well done! Me too hope I won't break the streak too as I has yet to submit my! Hope to churn out something this weekend to submit.

  2. i knew you'll post it and im so excited to see it so i came online (: hahah. GREAT JOB jean! like i say, my first attempt was more disastrous than yours! psst, i can see the jelly layer is thin. but the cheese layer is so nice. never mind, must must remember to cling wrap it plus use a good pan next time (: look forward to try it! ;D

  3. very nice..this will surely melts my heart, jean!

  4. Wen: yeah, scared i'll feel unmotivated to submit once i break my streak

    Jasmine: yah so sad! didnt realise my pan has holes at the corners

    lena, jess: thanks ladies!

  5. Pretty little squares & neatly sliced! great job! ;)

  6. Oh Jean,
    What a wonderous dessert you have created and one so beautiful to look at too. It woudl be a shame to eat them, but someone must to enjoy the flavour. Perfect!

  7. Beautiful! I was thinking about this but I couldn't get any Korean Strawberries in the supermarket today. :(

  8. wendy, cathy: thanks ladies! :D

    mangocheeks: thanks! it's really lovely as a valentine's day dessert, but i procrastinated making it earlier on hehe

    edith: ahh i snapped a few boxes when i saw them on sale. they will usually be on sale at NTUC and go out of stock for a few days before the next batch comes

  9. It's on my baking list too, yours look perfectly done & delicious.