Sunday, July 11, 2010

Double Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie

A really late gatecrash to join the World Cup Fever. Glad I caught the match last night, the 2 teams really put up a good fight! Uruguay v Germany. Referee sure knows how to create drama by issuing a free kick for Uruguay at the last minute (literally!) when the score was already 2-3, causing German fans to break out in cold sweat teeheehee

Made some cheesecake brownie upon request of a dear friend as a halftime snack. Finally got the chance to open ceremony my Lindt’s dark chocolate for comparison to Cadbury’s Old Gold, and I must say I prefer the former. Lindt’s is relatively lighter and gives a better texture, and I like how it gives the brownie the original dark brown appearance as Cadbury leaves it almost-black. I also like how the bar is thin so I can simply snap it over the mixing bowl instead of having to whip out a chopping board just to cut them up; perfect reason for lazybones to choose Lindt over Cadbury anytime.

Made 2 mistakes:
(1) The swirling is a bad job done. I covered the whole brownie with cheese instead of leaving some brownie mixture exposed.
(2) I overbaked it. Having only baked normal brownies without cheese topping before, I did not know how much additional baking time is required. Did not camp by the oven on its last minutes, and the cream cheese browned, I thought it looked pretty much like pasta brownie HAHAHAHH Bf tried to comfort me that it doesn't look as bad as I think it does LOL

Nevertheless, I thought they look cute in the bear plastic wrappers I’ve gotten. Tastes unique too - Dense fudgy dark chocolate brownies with contrasting sweetness of cream cheese with a hint of saltiness.
Double Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie

80g dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
80g unsalted butter
40g cocoa powder, sifted
30g all purpose flour, sifted
¼ tsp baking powder
100g white sugar
2 large eggs

Cream Cheese Topping:
200g cream cheese
1 egg yolk
60g caster sugar
Few drops of vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 180°C & prepare a 9"x9" square baking tin
2. Melt chocolate & butter on a double boil, leave aside to cool while you work on the dry mixture
3. Mix together cocoa powder, flour, sugar & baking powder, then add mixture to chocolate mixture
4. Stir well, beating in one egg at a time until you have a silky consistency
5. Pour brownie mixture into pan
6. In a separate bowl, beat cream cheese, egg yolk, sugar & vanilla extract until smooth
7. Add dollops of cheese onto the brownie mixture & swirl them, making marble-liked patterns
8. Bake for 35mins or until the centre is set

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