Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ramen Eggs

Learnt it during the CNY period after the many ramen pig out sessions with friends. Most of them will add an extra side for the egg. Kinda rude shock for me that a measly egg can cost a few bucks. "Must.Learn.Egg!!!", the oh-so-miserly-side-of-me shrieks.

Warcraft's elders' words of wisdom applies here - "Time is of the essence". Though online recipes may tell you 6 to 8 mins, the 2 minuted variance differs a lot in terms of results. General rule of thumb - The more runny you like your yolk to be, the shorter the cooking time. I did mine for abt 6 1/2 mins, hence the runny yolk. Make sure that your eggs are not kicking around violently in the pot. Simmering bubbling water shall do the trick. Cooking time varies from kitchen to kitchen, depending on how strong your stove fire is, size of your eggs and pans. Will take a few practices to get the timing right. But no egg goes to waste. If you overcook the eggs, just mashed them up, add some mayo, salt and pepper and you've gotten yourself a nice egg mayo filling for next day's breakfast.

One more thing to note is cold eggs crack, with a fire cracker pop-like kaboomz, upon contact with hot boiling water - that's why some recipes will recommend that you poke a hole on the shell to prevent that from happening, but my lazybone got the better of me, so I just dunk mine into the water. I do find that using fresh good quality eggs help to reduce the chances of this happening. Even if your eggs do crack, don't fret. Just remove the excess egg white which hangs out from the crack during the water bath and your egg is good as new.

Really inexpensive and easy to make. All you need is really just eggs. I soaked them in a ginger shoyu marinade overnight, but you can actually skip it and eat it in its good ol' eggy way.
Ramen Eggs

Eggs, straight out from the fridge

1 tbsp of Japanese shoyu
1 tbsp of light soya sauce
1 tsp of dark soya sauce
1 tbsp of sugar
1 cup of water
Ginger slices, blanched in hot water

1. Boil water in a saucepan, enough to cover the eggs
2. Put eggs into boiling water, & let it boil for 6-8 mins (I boil 2 at a time)
3. Remove eggs from boiling water & soak it in an iced water bath for >15mins
4. Combine all marinade ingredients in a separate bowl
5. Remove cooled eggs' shell & put them into marinade & put in fridge for at least 4h
6. You may serve the eggs chilled, or dunk it in hot ramen like all good eggs do =]

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