Sunday, August 1, 2010

Butter Cookies with Chocolate Royal Icing

Had a birthday celebration last night. Pretty tough job making something for the birthday girl who is very (I'm-not-kidding-you) picky about food. Peanut butter? Nope. Almonds? Nope, she does not eat nuts at all. Fruit bars/squares? Too adventurous. White chocolate? Maybe too sweet. Chocolate chip cookie? Nah, I've made it for another 2 friends from the same group just recently.

Had to settle for butter cookies, a pretty safe (I think) snack which most people will eat. Butter cookie recipe is from Happy Home Baking. Not sure why the cookies look great on her blog but quite trashy on mine. Must be my inconsistent oven temperature hahha Kinda regretted using my bunny cookie cutter, of all cutters I own. The ears were flimsy and threatened to fall off any moment when I peel them off the shrink wrap to transfer to the baking tray. The tips of the ears also browned faster than the rest. Decorated the cookies with some facial expressions and chocolate royal icing for the bunny nose, which will hopefully entice her into eating them lol

Made royal icing for the first time and made a mess in the kitchen. Was dead beat from work in the morning and the mess I made in the kitchen from making the icing. Washed my dishes halfway and went to my room, plonk-ed onto the bed and asked my bf if he could help me with the dishes. And he did so with no hesitation. I must be the luckiest girl. :]

Chocolate Royal Icing

150g icing sugar
25g cocoa powder
1 egg white

1. Sift icing sugar & cocoa powder
2. Beat egg until slightly frothy, gradually add in sugar mixture and beat the shit out of it

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